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The Ethernet Cable Tester is a versatile handheld network tester. It supports a wide range of applications for enhanced cable types and multiple functions. Not only the necessary test kits for telecom engineering, cabling engineering, and network maintenance personnel but also ideal for everyday life, such as telephone line cable testing, network cable tracking, TV cable, and other weak electrical wires.

Sensitive sensor, stable and reliable.

With an easy to operate and smooth appearance, the circuit finder and tracer is wide applied in our life and work. The interface of the LAN tracker is flexible, the switch is energy-saving and the high-quality protective case also provides more secure protection.


  • Power specs: DC, 9V laminated battery(Not included)APKR Cable Break Finder Tester RJ45-RJ11 (YW-801B) Price in Kenya
  • Max operating current: Emitter+-10mA;Receiver+-30mA
  • Signal transmission format: Multi-frequency pulse
  • Testable wire: Twisted pair, telephone line, video line, common metal wire and network wire
  • Testable port: RJ11, RJ45
  • Signal output level: 8Vp-p
  • Signal transmission distance: 1-3000m
  • Description


Cable Break Finder Tester RJ45, RJ11 (YW-801B)

APKR Cable Break Finder Tester Kenya

  • Tracer function: This instrument is suitable for RJ11, RJ45, and other metal wires that can be found through the transmitter.
  • Telephone line test: the work of the telephone line of the detection of various states, only the transmitter can be detected, such as determining TIP or PING line, to determine the work of the telephone line idle, ringing, and off-hook state.
  • Line function: the line detection is on the line of the open, shorted, wrong, reverse the physical connection detection.
  • Rapidly find the target wire from among plenty of networks, telephone wires.
  • Equipped with a pair of headphones, it is convenient for you to quickly find lines in a noisy environment.
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