What is the Internet Connection For You?

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What is the Internet Connection For You?

Internet connectivity in the home has become a necessity especially now because of COVID-19 most of the world is forced to stay indoors and works from home.

Most people find themselves in a conundrum of picking the best home internet solution for them. So today l will try and simplify things a bit and just narrow down on Zimbabwe’s most common and affordable internet connections solutions.
Basing on affordability and availability of the services l came up with 3 best internet connection solutions.

Fiber, LTE & ADSL. So here is what you need to consider and know before making your decision:

What you need to know

Fiber is the fastest and most reliable connection. Hands down.

Fiber makes use of Fiber-optic cables which are installed in your home. They work by emitting and receiving a light signal through the cables that represents binary code. Light = 1, no light = 0. The long and short of it: Fiber has the capacity to work at the speed of light.  Fiber is the best option available in South Africa and your providers are going to a lot of trouble to make sure it works flawlessly. You can achieve speeds of up to 200Mbps!


LTE is not as fast as Fiber, but it moves house more easily.

LTE at Home can achieve speeds of up to 50Mbps. It’s not quite as fast as Fiber, and because it’s airborne, a little more prone to external factors such as bad weather playing a part in the speeds you get. That said, it’s still worlds faster than ADSL and far more reliable. What we love about LTE is that it’s fairly mobile. If you are moving house soon, or you need to take your internet with you on holiday, LTE is the way to go. It’s also handy if your landlord doesn’t want you installing Fiber or ADSL lines – because it’s completely wireless, from the tower to you.

We recommend LTE to customers who are waiting for Fiber to reach their area, or waiting to move into a new home before signing up for Fiber.

ADSL is the slowest, but it’s available in more outlying areas than any other form of internet.

Here’s how it is: ADSL is not the fastest, and it’s not the most reliable, but is available pretty much anywhere that you can get a TeLONE voice line. With the introduction of the newer technologies taking up most of our infrastructure providers time, we don’t know that they will improve on the ADSL infrastructure any time soon.

However! If you are in a remote area where Fiber won’t be arriving for a while and LTE isn’t an option, Old School ADSL is still okay.

Dial up is from the dark ages. Please, please don’t get dial up.

You can visit our website or any of our social media pages to get a quote on LTE Mifi routers, Fiber ONT Units or ADSL Modems.

Regardless of what you choose, Canlink is with you all the way. If you’re not sure what the best option is in your area send us a message and we will gladly advise on the best option for you.


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