Analog Telephone vs. VoIP

Analog Telephone vs. VoIP

Analog Telephone vs. VoIP
What’s the main difference between analog phone service and Voice over IP service? It’s the way the voice signals are delivered. The analog phone service carries signals over a copper wire while the VoIP service delivers these signals over an IP data network.

Analog phone service
An analog telephone is the traditional landline phone service that is found in many homes and businesses today. Also commonly known as Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), analog phone service allows subscribers to communicate with one another.

These users are connected through a copper wire subscriber loop which runs from a central switch office to many homes and businesses. Each subscriber is assigned a specific phone number, which allows them to contact one another.

How does it work?
An analog telephone system converts the voice signals into electronic signals. These electrical waves travel over the telephone line until they reach the end destination. Because the analog telephone system offers bidirectional communication, these voice signals can travel in two ways – from one telephone to the other, and vice versa.

VoIP phone service
VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, offers phone service over an IP data network – typically the Internet. While analog telephone subscribers receive a connection from their local phone company, VoIP allows for phone service via an Internet connection from a VoIP service provider.

How does it work?
VoIP services convert analog phone signals into digital signals. These can then be delivered over the Internet, from one home or business to another.

Many businesses use VoIP phone service
Businesses frequently use VoIP because it offers a secure and quality service. They can manage calls over their own private networks. Advanced technology has provided new forms of VoIP. It offers more than communication – users can also host web and video conferences with VoIP.

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