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Canlink provides, installs and maintains quality cost-effective IT and communication solutions to our clients.


Canlink Trading is reliable, honesty, consistent and our customers take our word.  We religiously subscribe to professional and ethical principles and procedures. Always accountable and transparent.


Collective responsibility is key. Cooperation is better than Competition. We work together, suffer together, enjoy and celebrate together. Team CANLINK!!


We are pacesetters through our effective and efficient ways of doing business. We are committed to excellence and endeavour to do it better all the time thus keeping our error rate within check.


Canlink believes in Continuous Professional Development and Improvement of both its staff, supply chain and service delivery hence our guiding motto ‘Technology for Innovators’. We dare to dream.

Kenneth Manzvanda Manager Operations Kenneth is responsible for planning, organising resources, general leadership, management and sales. He is the brains behind company's strategic plans and development.He worked in the banking industry for nine years in the Purchasing, Risk and Operations departments. He has vast experience in purchasing and risk management. Kenneth is very passionate about entrepreneurship, disruptive technologies and continuous personals development. He is very versatile, with his eyes open for new opportunities in any field of operation.
Tariro Munjerenjere Marketing Tariro is a young diligent and hardworking lady who has acquired vast experience in the networking industry. Since she completed her first degree in 2013, she has been working in this industry, attending workshops and internationally hosted trainings with the major networking brands. She holds a Bachelor of Science honors degree in International Marketing with Chinhoyi University of Technology.
Kudzaishe Chanakira Telecommunications Technician Being a technical and logical thinker, Kudzai strives to solve any problem presented to him in an organized and professional manner. He studied Telecommunications and Networking at college and shortly after started utilizing his newly acquired knowledge in the same industry. Now even after just working in the industry for just a few years he feels confident in his technical know-how and that he is engaged and thriving right where his passion lies. With technology advancing quickly and with new developments being released so often, Kudzai likes to keep up to date with his own technical knowledge and understanding...
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